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Smith: The Boomerang Cloud

Posted By Rohit Ratnam   on February 28, 2016   

The Smith cloud, discovered by the astronomer Gail Smith in 1963, is a part of a class of objects called high velocity clouds, which are basically large collections of gas or dust moving at speeds in excess of 70 km per second found in the outer reaches of a galaxy .

Carl Sagan: The Man and his Cosmos

Posted By Karthik Nair   on November 09, 2016   

While millions of young people celebrated the day of love, 6 Billion kilometres from Earth, Voyager 1 travelling at the edges of the solar system, turned its camera around for one last photo of our planet across the great expanse of space

Eyes Turned Skywards

Posted By Prashanthi   on December 05, 2016   

Astronomy is a space science that has been in existence since antiquity, with its origin strongly tied with starkly varied subjects such as religion, mythology, astrology and mathematics.

Into the future

Posted By Anmol Mishra   on December 05, 2016   

Isn’t time travel something that we all think about? Whether sitting in a class or writing an exam, don’t we all wish we could go back to a particular time in the past or see just a glimpse of the future?

The Ninth Planet

Posted By Sameera   on December 05, 2016   

In 2005, Mike Brown discovered a tenth planet in the solar system, which was named Eris. Eris was about as big as Pluto (which was still a planet back then) and it orbited around the sun at a distance nearly three times greater.

Hawking Radiation

Posted By H. Bharadwaj   on December 22, 2016   

Black holes are the dream of every space enthusiast and in recent years one name has cropped up very frequently in relation to black holes, Stephan Hawking. One of his revolutionary achievements was the idea that black holes aren’t completely black

Into the Unknowns

Posted By NIHARIKA YEDDANAPUDI   on December 22, 2016   

Imagination will often carry us to worlds than never were, but without it we go nowhere quoted Carl Sagan. Another day on this beautiful planet of ours called Earth.

Life of Universe and Cosmology

Posted By DEBOSHREE SARKAR   on December 22, 2016   

“Cosmology” it is the study of evolution, origin and ultimate fate of universe. According to religious studies, cosmology is about a theistically created world which is governed by supernatural powers

Vyadh - The Journey

Posted By PRASHANTHI.B   on April 10, 2017   

It’s human nature to stretch, to go, to see, to understand; Exploration is not a choice really; it’s an imperative.
Curiosity is the essence of human existence and exploration has been part of the human kind since antiquity.

Falcon Heavy: An Overview

Posted By KSHITIJ MITTAL   on April 10, 2017   

Will we ever go to Moon again? Can we take another small step in heavens? Hell Yeah!

SEDS Outreach

Posted By SHANMATHI MANICKAM   on April 21, 2017   

The learning cycle of a person gets completed when he imparts his knowledge gained to the society. We as SEDS Outreach are trying the same.

Dark Matter and Energy

Dark Matter and Energy

Posted By Pragya Sinha   on April 21, 2017   

What is unseen is much more than what is seen. Dark matter and dark energy is something still continues to be a mystery, and mind you a mystery of great importance, because no scientist till date has been able to observe dark matter or energy directly.

Comets 101

Comets 101

Posted By Ajay Prasad   on March 29, 2018   

What are Comets? Where do they come from? What are they made up of? Can I see them with naked eye ? Answers to all these questions in the blog.