SEDS Outreach

The learning cycle of a person gets completed when he imparts his knowledge gained to the society. We as SEDS Outreach are trying the same. We are a group of space enthusiasts who besides acquiring knowledge teach students of primary, secondary and higher secondary students various aspects of space science. Enthusiasm about space science is gaining momentum these days. We work to spread awareness regarding space explorations and basic phenomena of physics.

Working closely around school children gives us a lot of optimism towards life. The thought that we play a crucial role in moulding the lives of today’s youth gives us a sense of completeness. We introduce the spark of curiosity in the young minds. We see the children keeping in touch with us even after the sessions and coming up with a lot of questions. We are a team of youth helping out and improvising other youth we come across in our lives.

Currently we are working on establishing space clubs in schools in and around Vellore. We already have established the clubs in three prominent schools and currently working on more schools. Though our initiative is with basic space sciences our ultimate aim is to provide high level technical skills on space as well as other sciences. This is us as a part of SEDS India trying to inspire more budding scientists and make this country a self sufficient and a developed nation.