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String Theory v/s Loop Quantum Gravity

Posted: Sat Mar 17, 2018 6:33 am
by Adideva
Although General Relativity and Quantum Field Theory are the undisputed pillars of modern physics, they don’t go along well on small space-time scales and high energies. This calls for a third theory that reconciles this and unifies the fundamental laws of nature with the implications and inferences of the Big Bang, and unravels the mysteries of the Black Hole. Enter String Theory and Loop Quantum Gravity. But is a third theory absolutely necessary? Or, are we just not working the right way with the existing ones? And if yes, why deal with 9-10 dimensions in the String Theory while the Quantum Loop Theory limits it to 3? The latter has unified General Relativity and Quantum Theory conceptually. But the String Theory is weak here. Then why still consider it as a rich theory? Neither of the theories has shown strong contacts with low energy physics; are they both headed towards a dead-end? It is true that both theories start from diametrically opposite assumptions. Even then are we still inching towards a coalition of both, a single theory, possibly ‘the theory of everything’?